UX concept for
Fitness App

Social network Fitness centre app, we created this app during the crisis (COVID 19) that we are living, we like to engage in creating the concepts and app design for the fitness centre, It helps us to get to know other market users and increasing the knowledge.

Starting Position

We took that to the Fitness and workout field after we faced the problem in the pandemic time COVID-19. The indoor places restrict with the specific of people’s amount and and distance between each other. that not easy to manage it. it need to invest more time and effort to make everyone safe. As a result of that, we start creating the app concept which makes the automatic calculation of the people inside the gym and people already planned to go to the gym. In addition, there is a restricted social platform just for the people which they are a member in that fitness centre. the Goal is to Narrows the number of people inside the sports centre and make them safe.

Prioritizing Feature

Must Have

– User-friendly interface
– Automatic tracking
– Brand establishment
– Means to contact Business
– Notification Center
– Clear Navigation
– Generate contacts
– Status of GYM(No. Of people)

Should Have

– Time Booking
– Fitness Analytics before & after
– Loyalty program
– Gamification
– Altimeter

Won’t Have “For Now”

– Integrate geolocation (privacy Highlight)
– Multi-device synchronization
– Social Media Sharing
– Private Online consultation & chat

User Flow

So to create a more seamless user experience, we focus on the experience and needs of the user not the small design details on the screens to have the best paths experience. Usually in the beginning we made the sketch in paper with a detailed view of user flow.

User Expectations

Every user has a set of expectations regarding your product (app, website, new feature, etc.) before they start using it. A good design not only fulfils expectations but also sets and manages them. A bad one does the same, but in a “Badly” fashion. We focus on the quantitative data about what users expect when they use the app,


Tracking Activity


Exercises update


Reasonable resource consumption


Follow up


Does what it says


One Time Login

Style Guide

Dark Blue


Sofia pro

Light, Regular & Bold

Sofia pro is used as the standard font. This is used for the headings as well as for the body text. It includes the well thought-out and conscious selection of fonts, point size, line length, line spacing, tracking, kerning, color and all elements that can influence a design. Sofia pro is a sans serif typeface family, Warmth: It comes from the semicircular details of the letters, Strong structure: this gives stability and seriousness, and It is a coquettish, friendly and versatile typeface.

Final Product

In the end and after all the stage we were in it “Research, user Flow, wireframe and design UI with prototype” we have the final product ready.

If you would like to see the entire product, please check out our Behance page Click Here.

Thanks for Reading!