We were approached by a client who wanted a minimalist logo for their brand of coloured lenses targeting the Middle East market. The goal was to create a simple yet beautiful, fresh logo that exudes elegance and a sense of femininity. This is crucial since the brand's primary audience is women of different ages.

Kreative Richtung

Combining the crow and the handwritten font creates a cohesive brand identity. It adds a sense of femininity to the design, which aligns with the target audience of women in the Middle East market. The color palette, consisting of shades of blue and green, conveys a sense of trustworthiness, professionalism, and sophistication.<br /> <br /> Overall, the minimalist eye lens logo is well-crafted, effectively communicating the brand's quality, style, and innovation values. It is a timeless and versatile logo that can be used across various marketing materials, helping the brand establish a strong and consistent visual identity.

Kunde Name: ECYCON

Datum: 03/02/2023


Create a minimalist logo for a brand of colored lenses that targets the Middle East market, which is simple, memorable, and easily recognizable. The logo should convey the brand's values of quality, style, and innovation and establish a strong visual identity that positions the brand as a leader in the colored lenses market in the Middle East. The logo should be completed within a set timeline and budget.


Our team explored various logotypes during the logo design process, including brand marks, abstracts, lettermarks, and monograms. After considering the client's opinion and the brand's overall feel, we concluded that a lettermark was the most suitable option.

The logo features a handwritten font created specifically for this brand, ensuring it is unique and stands out in the market. To complement the logo, we chose a typeface for the text written under it that conveys the brand's sense of softness and femininity.


Full-color logo for the site.
fiv icon for the website.

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